our product

monitoring and analysis of competitors' prices

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The source of information

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we provide
the freedom in choosing sales strategies
and guarantee
the best price to your products
of online stores
automation of setting the best price among competitors
automatic bots to collect information
monitoring of competitors' prices on trading spaces
monitoring competitors' prices for specific sites
only the current prices on the site
for dealers, distributors
Identifying competitors and comparing your prices with their prices
formation of the best wholesale and retail price
sales strategies based on the statistics
Monitoring compliance with the RRP, tracking competitors, lowering the price
market research
for producers
detection of competitors of new similar products with yours and comparing their prices with yours
formation of the best RRP and wholesale price
control over compliance with the RRP, identification of "gray" goods
studying of a conjuncture, revealing of tendencies and technologies

flexible mechanism of automatic pricing,

which takes into account:
the popularity of goods
the prices of competitors
the marginality of goods
the stock leftovers
the stock availability

service packages

the parsers of competitors' sites
the parsers of advertising platforms

it is efficient and profitable to order a range of services from us

Robotic online store
Parsers and bots for monitoring and analyzing the prices of competitors
Automated price disassembly
get extra profit
order the service monitoring and analysis of competitors' prices


What information do you collect?
We work within the framework of the current legislation of Ukraine and collect any information that is publicly available to all Internet users, and access to it is not restricted by username and password. All the information we collect and analyze concerns first of all goods and services and does not carry any personal data. Therefore, our activities are not subject to the restrictions specified in the Law of «Ukraine On Protection of Personal Data».
Do you violate copyright law?
No, we create bots to collect information, and we collect the collected data to the client. If the client uses data protected by copyright for his own purposes, then the sole responsibility of the client is solely the responsibility. In the case when the price and the availability of the goods are collected, then the question of copyright does not go at all, since neither the price nor the status of the product is covered by this standard.
What sites can you monitor?
We can collect information from any online stores, online catalogs, message boards and advertising sites. Each source requires careful analysis and configuration - which data to collect, how to collect them, how often to do it, how much data to collect at all, in what format to store them. Some bulletin boards already have their own ready-made solutions for the transfer of important data - in such cases, the deadline for implementing the automated data processing bot is significantly reduced.
What is the load on the site during the collection of information?
Depending on the server capacity - the load can be completely invisible, because we limit the speed of data collection as much as possible, and we try to do it not in business time. For some sites, we adjust the speed in such a way that the complete data collection on them occurs only three days after the start of the bot operation.
Can I collect hidden information on the site?
Yes, we can collect hidden or private information on the site, but only with the consent of the site owner. Some site administrators can provide direct access to the site database, or create the necessary upload of data.
How to compare the prices of goods, if they can have different names on different sites?
Our algorithm takes into account various variants of product names and automatically combines them in 95% of cases. The moderator needs to confirm the binding proposed by the bot once, and in the future all information on this product will be updated completely automatically.