Definition of customer loyalty

 Loyalty measurement in social networks is carried out using the KPI system (key performance indicators), which reflect the effectiveness of the activities carried out and the response of users of social networks to them. In this case, the measurement of loyalty in social networks is carried out according to the following indicators:

- A quantitative indicator of the followers of a firm or brand, that is, people who in some way have shown their positive attitude towards it;

- Quantitative indicator of defenders, that is, buyers who challenge negative feedback;

- The ratio of positive and negative information left by users in social networks during discussions;

- The ratio of positive and negative reviews about product lines or individual models;

- A quantitative measure of initially neutral users involved in active discussions and showing a positive attitude towards the company.

Having carefully studied all the indicators, SoftERP specialists can draw up a competent conclusion about the effectiveness of the measures taken and the degree of their impact on consumers in increasing the level of loyalty.


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