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  • Online store
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  • Landing site
  • Corporate website
  • Corporate portal
  • Promo-site
  • Business card site
  • Website-portal
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  • Social network
  • Mobile site

We know for sure that you need a site on a turn-key basis. Let's define how it should be.

  1. Do you have an offline business, but do not have an online business or do you want to improve your existing website? The company Soft.ua specializes in the creation of selling websites. You can order an online store, a B2B portal, as the basis of your online business, and thereby strengthen your positions and gain competitive advantages in the modern world of e-commerce.


We create online stores on our own engine, using our own ERP system. Therefore, we can tailor the system to each client individually, given its needs. Thanks to automation tools in our system, employees of your company can get rid of routine work and direct their energy to other tasks.


  1. To get the maximum conversion from an online store, we recommend creating a landing page. The landing-page can be created both for individual goods and services, and for categories of goods and services. We can develop the concept of a website that will harmoniously combine the various landing pages.


  1. To promote your brand and improve the image of your company, a promo site, a corporate website or a corporate portal is ideal.


  1. Are you a creative person? Is your child talented? Do you want to share your inspiration with the whole world? Then, rather, order a portfolio site or a business card site. Do not ask us how they differ. Order both and see the difference.


  1. Is it difficult for you to organize business processes? Communication in the company is ineffective? Order in the company Soft.ua corporate portal or social network. We use cloud technologies that will allow remote employees in any city in any country.


  1. The mobile version of the site is what we recommend to all our customers, no matter what type of site they choose. In addition to the fact that the mobile version improves your position in the Google search engine, it increases the level of trust in your resource. The mobile version takes into account features of browsers of mobile devices, such as smartphones, iPhones and tablets, and also adapts to the resolution of devices.


Order our site on a turn-key basis and get a ready-made Internet product. We will perform the whole complex of works related to the development and maintenance of your site.

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