• Market research
  • Direct mail (E-mail marketing)
  • Registration in catalogs
  • Advertising campaign
  • Unloading into trading platforms
  • Internet Marketing Strategy
  • The strategy of increasing sales
  • Branding on the Internet
  • SEO
  • SMM
  • Contextual advertising
  • Banner advertising
  • Internet PR
  • Viral Marketing
  • Reputation

Absolutely any project on the World Wide Web is required in advertising, thanks to which the project will have interested visitors.

Before conducting any major advertising company, it is of fundamental importance to draw up a complete plan of all events, to develop an Internet marketing strategy (Internet PR, in other words, a strategy for increasing sales).

Most often first thing is a market research, in which the marketer studies the nearest competitors and seeks the environment of potential visitors. Depending on the results, you need to determine the future catalogs (it is important to register only in the "whitepages" ) and price aggregators (unloading into trading platforms is extremely useful to all online stores). While advertising in social networks (SMM) is useful to all Internet projects, regardless of the type of activity. In addition, it is important to conduct all actions for SEO-optimization of your resource in order to improve the results to the site on the part of search engines.

If your company is little known, then it is worthwhile to think about conducting additional advertising campaigns aimed at your branding on the Internet in order to raise your reputation in the eyes of potential customers.

After these steps, you can start more focused actions, launch contextual advertising in Google and Yandex, as well as banner advertising. Simultaneously, launch E-mail marketing (Direct mail) using viral marketing technologies.

At all stages the professional approach is very important, it is necessary to pay attention even to small trifles. Our company employs only such specialists, they have many years of experience and a large list of successful projects. We are pleased to help you in advertising an Internet project, call us!

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