The management of prices on the site is one of the most important elements in the conduct of online business. In the iShopERP system, we implemented an efficient system for automation of pricing processes.

The Price Processing option will allow you to process the supplier's prices on a daily basis in an automatic mode. All you need to do is download the price to the system and start the process of processing it.

         With the help of the module of flexible adjustments to price control, you can easily control the situation with the actuality of prices and the availability of goods or services. You will always have the latest data on the site!

         An important aspect in the work of all this complex of mechanisms is the automated process of unloading data into advertising platforms. With this tool, you can create and post information about your products or services in any price aggregator.

         All the presented complex of services refers to the common denominator, which unites them all, it is "Processing of prices and pricing."

         When using this tool - you will completely control all the processes of your online business.

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