• Automation of business processes
  • Development of software web solutions
  • Creating parsers (scripts)
  • Programming languages
  • Website layout
  • Applications to social networks
  • Mobile applications
  • Testing
  • Modules, plugins, widgets

Web programming is a technology for writing software solutions that make it possible to use large computing resources practically anywhere in the world. We use the full power of web development and create the best software web solutions for your requirements.

Sooner or later, every business requires faster data processing. Automating business processes is the first step to increasing the productivity and reliability of each phase of your business.

Any automation begins with a general outflow of your business chain into separate stages. Each of them is analyzed in detail for the possibility of its acceleration. Depending on the results, the most optimal and effective method is chosen. We use the most effective programming languages with the best performance.

We carry out certain stages in a separate functional - a full-fledged module that will perform its part of the work. To accelerate the development of automation, plug-ins are developed. Plugins - a set of commands that can be screwed into any module or the system as a whole. Widgets play a rather effective role in web resources. A widget is an interface with a set of functionality that is almost always available in the workspace.

Recently, more and more popular web services with social networks. We have experience in setting up synchronization between these services and developing the application to social networks. Such applications will allow you to automate routine user actions or get the functionality that the service itself does not provide.

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