Processing of prices of competitors

In order to establish optimal pricing for products, employees of companies specializing in trade often have to sort out the prices of competitors for the study of product prices. It would seem that the process can be greatly simplified by installing software to perform this task, but as it turns out in practice, not everything is so simple. Quite often, the same position in the price-list can have a different designation and it is worth saying that in this case the program will not be able to orient, so the data for analysis will initially be incorrect, because during automatic monitoring, numerous proposals that might have been missed would be key to pricing. Such trends are known to managers and therefore, even with active software development, competitors' prices continue to be studied "manually". Accordingly, to accomplish this task, additional employees are required, and therefore not always possible expansion of the staff. Additional costs for maintenance of full-time employees can be avoided if you are a customer of our company. When ordering this service, you can count on SoftERP employees who will perform this job professionally and in the shortest possible time


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