Synchronization of price unloading in price aggregators

Synchronization of price unloading into price aggregators using the SoftERP system is carried out automatically. This process is mandatory in online trading, because any change in prices for products available on the Internet store, should be immediately reflected in the price aggregator. Do not forget that it is price aggregators that are suppliers of interested buyers who, determined by the technical characteristics of the products and the model, select the products at the best price precisely at price aggregators. Therefore, the store must provide the most current prices, which will guarantee a rise in consumer confidence and accordingly affect the popularity of the store as a whole. Synchronizing the unloading of prices into price aggregators using the SoftERP system has evolved from a time-consuming and time-consuming process into a fairly simple operation that can be performed by a competent store employee after a little training in working with the system. As a result of the introduction of SoftERP, we have a significant increase in business efficiency in the Internet by automating the main business processes.


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