Supplier Comparison
Comparison of suppliers is a necessary process when planning procurement. Each enterprise needs to purchase raw materials for production, and with its acquisition it is necessary to approach this case with maximum responsibility. First of all, it is necessary to accurately compare the needs of the enterprise and the planned acquisitions, because the excess quantity of products in the warehouse is undesirable. Secondly, it is necessary to analyze the state of the market for the availability of profitable offers from suppliers, and for this we have to process a large amount of information that is provided in the form of price lists. This process takes a lot of time and effort, so the selection of optimal options to rationally automate using the system SoftERP. In this case, suppliers will be compared in automatic mode according to the set parameters. When analyzing the information provided by firms to sellers, the company's rating is necessarily taken into account, which allows for the most accurate analysis. Automation of this area of ??operation of the company is aimed at saving time and increasing the profitability of the firm by optimizing the procurement process.


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