Distribution of viral advertising

Viral advertising - this is not a definition of advertising strategy, rather, it is a property of advertising, which consists in spreading in a geometric progression. Viral advertising can be a shocking video, a strange and mysterious rumor, a loud scandal, a funny, touching cartoon and other such information that gives rise to discussion and causes a desire to share it with friends. In such messages or videos, links are built in, and most people will not miss the opportunity to inquire where they lead. Literally the same day, when information falls on the Internet, it begins to spread by users on the basis of the virus, for which viral advertising and got its name. This method of attracting attention is considered the most effective, but it should be noted that it is very difficult to create such videos and this kind of popularization requires great skill and careful study of the interests and preferences of the target audience. For SoftERP specialists, the creation of viral advertising is an excellent opportunity to emphasize professional skills and to realize a huge number of fresh and up-to-date ideas that will necessarily resonate with users.


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