What do we have to do:

  • Calling on the cold base of entrepreneurs and offer them IT services (creation of online stores, their automation, maintenance and advertising)
  • Calling contacts who are interested in ordering services (leads) to your manager for further validation, evaluation and sales

Working conditions:

  • 📍 Work in the office or from home.
  • 🗣 We provide scripts for phone calls, teach the workflow and advise


  • 10000-15000 UAH rate + % of the transaction amount, which will be paid by the client you found
  • Payment is paid until the 15th day of the previous month inclusive.
  • Interest from sales is paid at the time of receipt of funds from the client.
  • Probationary period - 1 month

Values of our team:

  • Exclusively Ukrainian language in communications
  • Support for everything Ukrainian
  • We are against LGBT communities and their propaganda ❌
  • We are against bad habits (smoking, alcohol, drugs)

Our ideal candidate:

  • Stable fulfills the call plan - 500-700 phone calls with potential clients per day
  • Can concentrate on the implementation of the plan (calls) and not be distracted
  • Can + wants to learn and be useful
  • Can fulfill tasks and be part of the workflow, not break it

Who we are:

  • SOFT.UA company, located and working in Kyiv since 2008.
  • We develop projects in the field of Ecommerce (online stores, B2B portals, suppliers' price processors, information parsers, etc.)
  • We have a team of Middle and Senior specialists who are able to work on Front-end/Back-end, project managers and sales managers.

Benefits of working with us:

  • Актуальна field of work (IT)
  • Advanced a team that strives to grow above itself and reach a new level of income
  • We will teach you to defend yourself and your values
  • Career growth: the opportunity to grow into a full-fledged sales manager and receive 20% of the deals
  • Further prospects to show your talents and become a part of future large projects
If you are interested in our offer, please send us a direct message or go to the Vacancies section on our website and leave an application there.
Our managers will review it and call you back if you are interested. Good luck! 👋

Is this job suitable for you?

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