What is ERP

The abbreviation ERP was formed from the English Enterprise Resource Planning System, which translates into a system of enterprise resource planning. In fact, it is a software product designed for efficient and expedient management of enterprise resources. The functionality of the system is based on a common database, which facilitates the formation of a single information field of the enterprise with access to it, respectively, the established authority. When implementing ERP systems, all enterprise databases are integrated into one unit, which is aimed at organizing information flows between all departments of the company. The main function of the system is thorough and constant monitoring of the financial and economic activities of the enterprise. At the same time, you can get any information in real time, which is very convenient for managers. The owner of the company or the responsible person can at any time track all the stages of the buyer's application, starting from the planning stage and ending with the shipment. When implementing the SoftERP system, the manager receives a set of advanced software tools that not only allow you to create a common database, but also provide an opportunity to automate the main business processes that are key to the functionality of the enterprise. It is a mistake to assume that such software is suitable only for large firms. Now the SoftERP system is effectively used in the field of medium and small business, and this allows to significantly increase competitiveness and ensure prompt satisfaction of customer needs with a minimum of employees and the most rational planning and use of available resources.


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