Integration with other systems

Automation of various departments of enterprises began to be produced long ago. Usually in this situation, standard software solutions were used, which more or less provided the requirements for automating the business processes of a separate unit. Naturally, with the implementation of more advanced solutions, such as SoftERP, it was required to integrate with other systems to ensure the full interaction of the enterprise. Quite often, when introducing new software, it was precisely in this situation that complexity arose, because there was a significant difference between the platforms used, on the basis of which the software was created, and in other technical characteristics. But after manufacturers started to adhere to unified web standards, integration with other systems became possible due to sufficient flexibility of the software, which guaranteed the possibility of complete connection of individual automation systems into one. Considering the SoftERP system, one can not help but notice that when it was created, all the standards applicable to the software were sustained. Therefore, it can easily be integrated with the financial systems or accounting modules that were used at the enterprise earlier. It is this opportunity that makes the use of such a solution convenient in enterprise management. If earlier each department had a separate information structure, the SoftERP system has the ability to combine them into one with minimal difficulties. As you know, even with some automation solutions, there is a difficulty in serving customers because of the fragmented information structures. To transfer information from one database to another, you need both time and strength, and the most rational solution to this issue is to combine them into one common information field. Integration with other SoftERP software systems makes it possible to use existing solutions, facilitating the task of creating a single information center and integrating all systems into one. In the presence of really perfect technical solutions SoftERP integration with other systems is easy and carried out by our specialists in the shortest possible time.


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