Call-center is the center of service of telephone calls. Such an organization is a centralized system for collecting and processing information that comes through telephone messages. Serving such calls allows you to create an information link between the seller and the buyer, which is aimed at the effective maintenance of the product, brand or service. In addition, with the help of a call processing center, you can manage correspondence, both in traditional and electronic form. Call processing centers can be either independent or part of the corporate information network. Usually, when creating corporate service centers, modern software solutions are used, which allow organizing an operative exchange of information. As you know, operators of such organizations must respond promptly to customer requests, and for this it is necessary to obtain information regarding a particular product or service in real time. That is, in order to organize an optimally working сall-center, it is necessary to unite all divisions of the firm into a single whole and organize a common database from which the information will be electronically sent to the call processing center.

The information entering the call center can be divided into incoming and outgoing. Incoming information is customer appeals for consulting or solving problems related to a product or service. The majority of companies of the most different orientation prefer to have such information processing centers, and this is quite natural. After all, they can establish excellent cooperation with existing and potential buyers. Because the modern buyer as much as possible appreciates the attentive attitude to his problems. It is the attitude towards the buyer that shapes the company's image, and it is quite natural that the enterprise that fully satisfies the information need of customers will enjoy their popularity.

The outgoing information is the operators' appeals to clients regarding the resolution of their problems or for the purpose of selling.

The call center is the link between the buyer and the manufacturer, and a modern software product, the SoftERP system, with which the operative exchange of information is established, is a guarantee of its accurate work.


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