Operator's workplace

The operator's workplace should have a number of functions that will ensure convenient and fruitful work. First of all, the function of registering an employee from any place used to service subscribers must be implemented. This will make it possible to involve employees outside the office in the work center, which is sometimes necessary in the absence of the possibility of increasing workplaces in the office, while increasing the load on the call center. Also, a module of the operator's availability status for receiving calls is required, which is implemented using a user-friendly graphical interface. When using the interface, the operator should be able to view individual indicators, a status log, receive text messages and messages about violation of regulations, as well as the time of interruption in work. In this case, the operator's workplace provides the ability to connect to several groups and parallel participation in various tasks. All of the above opportunities, as well as many others, is provided by the SoftERP system, which is an effective software solution for automating business processes and optimizing the work of companies of different orientations.


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