System for monitoring parameters and managing call center operations

The system for controlling the parameters and managing the operation of the call center is a convenient software solution that allows to automatically perform a number of tasks that have a high priority level in relation to the work of the call processing center. With a high workload of the center, it becomes necessary to dynamically allocate employees and dedicated lines, depending on the increasing and decreasing load. It also requires control over the level of quality of customer service in general, and reporting on quality control on individual lines in real time. In addition, other system features, for example, a parameter analyzer, performance indicators, a multilevel definition of parameters with indication by color, the possibility of warning of occurrence of various emergency situations, will also be needed for effective operation. All these features have the SoftERP system, the integration of which significantly improves the work of the center. The system for controlling the parameters and managing the work of the call center is aimed at optimizing all functional processes and translating them into an automatic mode necessary to improve the quality of customer service.


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