Call Management

Call management and synchronization with the erp system is the only possible option that ensures the smooth operation of the call center. As you know, the timely response of operators to requests depends on the opinion of customers about the company or about any product. If it is impossible to call the support center, or if there is a connection, the operator can not clearly answer the question asked, the company's rating in the eyes of the buyer is rapidly dropping. But it should be noted that clients can ask questions quite differently, and very often the ordinary operator simply does not possess the necessary information to provide the most complete answer. In this case, he needs to find the necessary information on his own in the database or, in the absence of necessary access, switch the client to a more competent employee. Effective call management and synchronization with the erp system allows for quick access to information, as well as automatic control of the information flow. When using the SoftERP system, you can establish the most optimal interaction between the departments of the call center, which will positively affect the quality of the work.


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