Construction of service algorithms

The construction of service algorithms allows to significantly simplify the work of the call processing center and make it as efficient as possible. It is well known that many clients do not apply to the company for the second time, if they failed to contact the operator the first time. They are already turning to another store, and the poor work of the call center leads to the loss of customers, and consequently, to a decrease in the number of sales. But it is worth remembering that usually such centers are serviced by a small number of employees, respectively, for their effective interaction with customers, it is necessary to maximize the automation of the system and save employees from routine work. The construction of service algorithms is aimed at automating a number of processes on which the optimal operation of the center depends. So, when using this module, you can automatically run a scan of various scenarios, perform automatic generation of messages and events, send messages, and perform a number of other tasks. In this case, the system of automation of business processes SoftERP proved to be the most effective, which is confirmed by excellent feedback from our customers.


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