Queue management

The work of the call center is a complex interconnection of different processes, and the effectiveness of each depends on ensuring the effective operation of the system as a whole. One of the important processes in the work of the center is the management of queues. The busyness of the call processing center can be different, and for the prompt customer service it is necessary to keep the appropriate sequence of receiving calls. To do this, you need a function to build queues of various types, independent or intersecting. When dialing, the client is queued, which is formed depending on the priority characteristics of the call. Queue management with the SoftERP system allows you to create queues depending on the priorities of customers, create a queue depth limit for the most operational maintenance, and limit the waiting time. While waiting, the client listens to the automatic message, as well as it is informed about the expected waiting time for communication with the operator. This approach allows you to receive the maximum number of calls in the online mode.


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