Distribution of calls by operators

The distribution of calls by operators can be carried out on various grounds. The simplest distribution algorithm is the connection to a free operator. In this case, the system automatically switches the incoming call to the one that is currently not busy. A more complex option is distribution based on downtime. In this case, the call is switched to the operator, which is not occupied the most time. There can also be a connection by preferences. For example, a regular customer prefers to communicate with a certain employee. Preference data is entered in the information base, and the call of this customer automatically switches to the desired operator. To switch to the preference, one can also refer to the handling of VIP customer calls that connect without waiting. In addition, the distribution of calls by operators can be carried out based on their qualifications. In this situation, each employee is assigned a qualifying status, and he processes calls according to his competence. All these features of the SoftERP system make the work of the center coherent and maximally effective.


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