Timely inventory of the warehouse

Inventory of a warehouse is a recalculation of products stored in a warehouse, for the purpose of revealing the real number of items of goods and reconciling the received data with the information available in the documentation. This process should be carried out regularly, because with a high turnover of the company and a large range of products, it is not possible to follow the sales process to the full, which leads to the accumulation of balances that, with low popularity, are illiquid products that bring additional costs.

Inventory of the warehouse takes a lot of time, and during its carrying out the sales process is not carried out to avoid confusion in the documents. The discrepancy between the actual state of affairs and the information indicated in the documents is a generally accepted phenomenon that adversely affects the work of the firm as a whole. To avoid such a tendency and make the inventory of products a quick and simple process, it is necessary to implement the SoftERP system, which electronically records every arrival and sale, which makes it possible to achieve the most accurate correspondence of the real quantity of goods in the warehouse and the information reflected in the common database.


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