Items for self-delivery

The items of self-delivery are warehouses where the goods ordered by the buyer arrive. Quite often the buyer himself wants to take the purchased products, and not use the services of the transport company. Typically, firms specializing in the sale of goods, organize their regional points of self-delivery, where the ordered products come. In such a warehouse only confirmed orders are stored in anticipation of their buyer. You can not buy or order products at the point of self-export. At the moment, there is a need for the exchange of information between such items and the store in real time, because at the slightest delay the buyer starts to worry, and then there is a need for information about the status of the order. With sufficient distance of the point of self-delivery, obtaining such information is problematic if the enterprise does not have a common information base, which unites all the divisions of the company into one whole. In this case, the SoftERP system, which allows to establish real-time information exchange in real time, can unite the points of self-transportation and other units with the greatest efficiency.


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