The parser of prices of suppliers and competitors

In the event that you need a price breaker for suppliers and competitors, business owners can go in two ways. The first is the installation of special software that will automatically monitor price lists. But in this case there are drawbacks, and this is the lack of the possibility of fine-tuning to determine the necessary price positions. With automatic disassembly, most of the data remains unaccounted for, which significantly affects the quality of the information received. In this case only a part of the data is analyzed, and those that might be of immediate interest to the analytical department remain unaccounted for. The second, and the most effective way to solve the problem is to contact SoftERP. In this case, the work will be performed by company employees. The price disassembler of suppliers and competitors recommended for this work will have sufficient competence and extensive experience, and therefore all information will be taken into account when processing price lists. The client of our firm will receive the most complete report on the dynamics of price changes for a certain period of time, taking into account all possible factors of influence on pricing.


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