Creating Returns to Suppliers

In some cases, when obtaining a substandard product or re-delivery, there is a need for such a process as creating returns to suppliers. In the case of receiving an order consisting of many items, the return process can take a sufficient amount of time and effort. But in the event that the return is generated in automatic mode and it is possible to conveniently configure the return parameters, the process can take only a few minutes. For the SoftERP system, the creation of returns to suppliers is not difficult. Using the appropriate module and setting options, employees can generate returns very quickly and accurately. The fact is that any information on receipts is reflected in the common database, and you can track the delivery at any time by receiving information in electronic form. If it is necessary to return the employee, it is enough to go to the "delivery" module, open the goods return window, set up the corresponding options and issue a refund. In this case, the possibility of an error is completely eliminated, since the data is not manually entered, but imported from a common database, so that it is simply not possible to mix up the cost, the quantity or the name


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