Manage margins

The management of the mark-ups for products takes place using the module of the SoftERP "Extra costs" system, which has a convenient and intuitive interface. The module provides all the necessary functions that allow you to quickly establish the additional cost for individual products or a number of products, depending on certain conditions. The module implements the ability to divide the goods into groups depending on the specified parameters and to place margins on the group of goods in the automatic mode, which eliminates the routine work. Using the control panel it is very convenient to add and remove markups, edit them, view the activity of margins in relation to certain goods, and perform other actions necessary in the course of work. When using the SoftERP system, the markup management is the fastest and most convenient. To date, automation of business processes is the only way to create serious competition in the market and ensure the smooth operation of all divisions of the company. Therefore, hurry to use the capabilities of the SoftERP system, which will help you effectively manage the enterprise.


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