Management of pricing

The management of pricing is carried out on the basis of the overall strategy of the enterprise and includes various tactics, with the use of which the optimal cost of production is formed, corresponding to the demand and proposals in the commodity market. In the course of determining the optimal price, there is a constant correction of activities, depending on changes in the trends of the commodity market. It is worth noting that this area of ??the company's operation has a direct impact on its profitability, because too inflated prices do not contribute to the emergence of consumer interest, and too low cost does not contribute to a full profit. Therefore, pricing management should be carried out taking into account the features of goods and services offered by the enterprise, directions in production planning, availability of consumer demand and competition in the commodity market. Simplify the process of pricing allows the introduction of SoftERP, the functionality of which is to automate the most labor-intensive processes, create a common information base and optimize information flows between the company's divisions.


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