1c-bitrix, online store

Using 1c-bitrix, the online store can be made more functional, and using the SoftERP system, you can significantly improve the company's competitiveness and make it more profitable. Accordingly, these two systems need integration, and this issue is solved quite simply and easily thanks to the flexible interface SoftERP and the ability to combine the system with other software solutions. It's common knowledge that 1-Bitrix online store is a very convenient and most common system for managing websites. It greatly simplifies the work with content and provides access to the statistical data necessary for analysis. Also, it includes many convenient tools aimed at simplifying the work with online stores and other types of sites. Accordingly, when there is a need to introduce a software product for business management, there is a problem in connecting these two functional models into one. And with the introduction of SoftERP, this problem is solved quickly and effectively due to the universality of the software solutions used.


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