Automatic reservation of goods

Automatic reservation of goods is a very convenient tool for managers. With this module you can reserve a free-for-sale product in any available warehouse of the company. In this case, the possibility of reservation is subject not only to the available products, but also to the one that has not yet arrived at the warehouse, but the delivery of the shipment is forecasted for production purposes or is guaranteed under contract with suppliers. Such a function of the SoftERP system allows you to ensure the formation of a sales order in advance, even if the desired product is in the process of delivery or manufacturing in the factory. Also, automatic reservation of goods allows you to distribute products to the warehouse premises of the company, depending on the needs of individual branches. This approach allows you to organize the optimal placement of products according to requests and avoid unreasonable transport costs associated with moving goods from one warehouse of the firm to another. Usually such distribution of production is carried out by supervisors, who appreciate the capabilities of the SoftERP system.


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