Reservation of products

The reserve of goods is a certain quantity of products in a warehouse, completely satisfying the customer demand for a certain period of time. Every manager knows the level of popularity of any item of products, and when working with clients, he can guess how many products he can sell, for example, in a week. If he has potential buyers, the manager can reserve a certain number of units of products, and then this product will not go to another buyer. Previously, the reserve of goods was difficult to implement, because this action was associated with paperwork. With the help of the SoftERP system, everything is much simpler. Since this system operates on the basis of a common information base, which unites all business units, including the warehouse, in one unit, for such an action as a reserve of goods, the manager simply press the button in the "reserves" block and specify the name and quantity of products necessary for reservation. This approach simplifies the organization of sales and allows you to always have the necessary number of products in the warehouse, necessary to meet customer needs.


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