Filter by order

The order filter is a module of business management systems that allows you to view the status of orders for the selected parameters. So, you can view the status of the order at any time. You can also sort orders by the presence or absence of requirements for delivery, assembly, cash or non-cash payment, and other, equally important options. If necessary, you can trace orders that are tied to a particular manager, and sort by a certain period of time. The order filter allows you to track the activity of any outlet. When you use it, you can view orders for a particular store, including those that have been made via the Internet. There is also a sort by order status. The manager or another employee of the store with the necessary authority can view the list of finished orders, raw, shipped, new, relevant and any others. When applying the filter orders are automatically generated according to the lists according to previously defined conditions, which greatly facilitates the work of employees. Such opportunities have the SoftERP system, which is aimed at improving the work of the store as a whole and optimizing the interaction of all its divisions.


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