Customers and their value for the company

For any enterprise, customers are of sufficient value, because some of them are purchasers of products, and, accordingly, ensures the profit of the firm. It can be assumed that the more customers the firm has, the more profits, but this is not entirely true. In principle, the number of clients also plays a significant role in increasing the competitiveness of the enterprise, but, nevertheless, sufficient attention must be paid to their value for the enterprise. It is worth noting that not only customers are customers. This definition applies to all legal and private persons who have any mutually beneficial attitude towards your firm. It can be suppliers, wholesale buyers and retailers, depositors, partners and any other persons who use your company's services or provide services to you. Therefore, in any firm there is a client base that contains clearly segmented and classified information about customers. Also, this database contains the terms of business procedures and the history of the relationship between the firm and the client, as well as any other information of any value. All information about the client is subject to regular analysis, which is aimed at improving the relationships and clarity of business procedures.

Working with the client base is an indispensable condition for improving the functioning of the company, and in this area the SoftERP system provides the best tools for working with clients and determining their value for the enterprise.

Convenience for this kind of action is provided by a single database, in which all information about customers is entered. All information about previous practice and planned activities is stored electronically, and at any time accessible to competent persons. This approach allows a significant reduction in staff. In the traditional processing of information, there is a need for employees who are responsible for obtaining information from one or more divisions of the company and drawing up appropriate documents in paper form. Then, the data from the documents again need to be translated into the electronic form and enter into the information base of another unit, which specializes in the analysis of customer information and develops ways to improve interaction with them. SoftERP significantly simplifies this work and opens up wider opportunities for using a common client base.

The presence of a common database, in which any customer reference and any information on the relationship, regardless of its type, is registered, makes it possible to conduct a continuous analysis of information for a variety of organizational procedures. Based on the data obtained, it is possible to classify, in which the customers will be segmented taking into account their importance for the enterprise.

Also it is necessary to note the possibility of using additional channels of interaction. Previously, traditionally, telephone and electronic communication, as well as various thematic events and meetings were used. Now, as additional channels, you can successfully use registration forms, thematic links, chat rooms for communication and other modern means of communication.

It should be noted that in the presence of a common database when communicating with the client through any communication channel, the firm's employee will have complete and up-to-date information and clearly determine what value the firm represents for the client. Based on the available data, the employee can make informed decisions about interaction without delays and delays.

The SoftERP system allows to organize effective management of clients, to plan advertising actions, to manage sales and deliveries and to carry out all necessary researches. This is made possible by the fact that customers have their own personal profiles, where full information about the interaction with the firm is reflected. Based on this information, customers are allocated to target groups and classified by category.

This approach allows not only to select the most optimal communication channels, but also to conduct effective advertising campaigns with a clear definition of the target audience and accurate charging of costs.

Also, thanks to the SoftERP system, it is possible to compare the expected results of advertising campaigns with actual sales data, which is aimed at improving the marketing strategy and the ongoing coordination of the marketing research, supply and marketing departments.

We can say that thanks to the SoftERP system, customers receive a personalized service, which determines a significant benefit in the relationship, both for the client and for the company.


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