Orders are orders for the purchase of a certain number of items of goods that come from customers. The competitiveness of the firm depends on how quickly the requests of customers are processed, and with what speed the order is formed and sent. Sometimes there are situations when the client needs a certain amount of products for a certain time. He, of course, is interested in the manager of the availability of products in the warehouse and the time for which the firm undertakes to deliver his order. In order to answer the client's question, the manager will first have to contact the warehouse and clarify the presence-absence of the product. But the data from the warehouse may not be relevant. It is possible that the goods were already sold or information about the new receipt was not processed. Further, the manager needs to communicate with other departments of the company, specify information about the delivery, shipping, and sometimes about the method of payment and the possibility of discounts or installments. And it is quite natural that orders are processed slowly, because only for registration of an application a lot of clarifications and requests are required. Previously, this practice was generally accepted, because there was simply no other way to handle customer requests. But with the development of technology and the advent of new software, it became possible to bring the service to a completely different, higher level.

The SoftERP system allows not only to quickly process orders, but to use other services in this area, for example, the planning service. This approach becomes possible thanks to a common database, which reflects all the information from all divisions of the company in a structured form. That is, analyzing the relevant information about the customer, we can assume the time of the next order for the purchase of products and volume. As a result of using this service, you can plan your own requests to suppliers and timely meet customer demand.

The "orders" module in the SoftERP system is inextricably linked to the planning module. In order to carry out preliminary forecasting of orders, it is necessary to fully represent the production capacity of the enterprise in order to justify the expediency of such deliveries. If the warehouse space is not sufficient, or the orders for a particular type of product are irregular, then it is possible that the production plan may not coincide with the actual capabilities of the enterprise, which will result in re-delivery, and as compliance with additional unreasonable expenses.

The convenience of the SoftERP system is that all modules work interrelated on the basis of a common database, and therefore when planning a real opportunity of the enterprise is taken into account and accordingly a production plan of supplies is drawn up for it. Since when planning the number of products is calculated on the basis of demand, orders can be too large. But when using a common database, not only demand is taken into account, but also availability of goods in the warehouse, receipts in the delivery process and other influencing factors. Therefore, the SoftERP system allows to create orders corresponding to the demand, the capabilities of the enterprise and the state of affairs in the warehouses.

Orders, planned and actual, have a direct link to many parts of the company. First of all, they influence the planning department, where all information is analyzed, and based on the analysis, a further plan of the company's work is drawn up.

Next, you can see the direct interaction of confirmed orders with the marketing department. All orders of buyers are monitored here, information is processed, customer activity is analyzed, and corresponding documents for the shipment of products are drawn up.

Orders of the company for the supply of products are interconnected with the financial department, where processing of financial transactions is carried out and an invoice is issued.

One more important aspect should not be missed, namely, that orders of any type have a direct impact on the storage system. In this case, there is a need to compile an optimal shipment schedule, compile arrival-and-receipt documents, invoices and perform an analysis of the compliance of work to the tasks assigned.

Accordingly, it is not difficult to see the dependence of these divisions of the company and the urgent need to stabilize their work depending on each other, which can not be done without a common database, and accordingly - without the SoftERP system.

Also, you can not fail to pay attention to another module that has an impact on orders, and this is the module for interacting with customers. In this case, we are talking about the need for constant monitoring of real and potential customers. Only in the case of active interaction with the client can you expect to receive permanent and profitable orders.


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