Shares as a method of activating sales

Shares are an opportunity not only to get rid of the non-moving goods and increase the company's turnover through various marketing methods. In addition, during the campaign, many new customers are attracted, which, with the right approach and the correct policy of the firm, can become permanent buyers. The need for promotional activities can arise for many reasons. This can be a large number of warehouse balances, for example, an earlier mobile phone model that is no longer in demand. In this case, there is reason to sell phones at a reduced, promotional price, returning the money spent for the purchase and delivery. Or, on the contrary, the arrival of a new batch of current products is expected, which will enjoy very active customer demand. In this case, it makes sense to organize an action to promote the model, which will promote sales activation. With the help of the SoftERP system, it is difficult to plan actions. After all, the employees of the firm are always at hand on the latest information on new revenues, on the state of affairs in warehouses, and on the activity of sales. Based on this information, you can think of win-win marketing moves that will bring significant profits.


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