The order management panel

The order management panel is a convenient tool for the manager, which allows you to quickly form orders and orders with maximum accuracy. Previously, any sale was accompanied by sufficient paperwork, and in the event that the order was wholesale or the necessary goods were not available, it was also necessary to wait for some time until the manager found out the terms of the expected delivery or the availability of the necessary quantity of goods in the warehouse. With the help of the SoftERP system, this process has become possible to significantly simplify. The order management panel contains all the necessary options for working with information. At the same time, this approach allows not only promptly sending the formed orders to the next stage of sales, but also receiving all the necessary information for the work. For example, if the buyer wants to take the goods in installments, the manager can no longer bother management of this issue. With the help of the SoftERP system's general database, he can independently review the customer's credit history and draw a corresponding conclusion about its reliability. In this case, there is a simplification of work and automation of the main business processes, after all, when forming an order there is no need to manually enter a price, calculate a mark-up depending on the sales conditions and conduct other manipulations related to the sale of products. Most of the processes are in automatic mode. When forming an order, the employee enters the product list, selects the desired category and name, enters customer data, and the order is formed depending on previously configured options.

It should be noted that in most cases, employees of enterprises considered working with the ERP system rather complicated and requiring special training. Yes, the need for skills in working with such systems is present, because it takes a long time to independently understand all the nuances. Therefore, when implementing such systems, employees are trained by competent specialists. In the case of the SoftERP system, training takes place in a short time, because the order management panel and other modules are designed with the expectation of working for them ordinary employees with a minimum of experience in such matters as business process automation. Also worth noting is that the order management panel has an intuitive structure that helps you quickly learn in this area.


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