Waiting list

The waiting list is a module of the SoftERP system, which allows reducing the number of failures and attracting additional orders, which will have an impact on the profitability of the enterprise and its profitability. The operation of this module is to enter customer data in a special form that contains a list of goods not available for a given period of time. This function is very convenient for online stores. Due to the use of small warehouses or because of their lack of order status is often changed. But this is no reason to deny the client on sale. Using a common database, you can always get up-to-date information about the expected deliveries and enter the customer on the waiting list, having informed you in advance about the timeframes for the expected receipt of the product of interest. When completing the form, contact details of the buyer are entered, where an automatic notification will be sent when the goods arrive. It is worth noting the convenience of this function for managers who do not need to compare receipts and orders transferred to the standby mode. The receipt of the necessary goods in the warehouse is displayed automatically, which allows you to promptly serve customers.


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