Creating a new order

Creating a new order is done using the "Orders" module in the SoftERP system. The process itself is quite simple. It is necessary to open the order module, and by means of the button "New order", which is on the top toolbar, to form the necessary offer. When you press the button, the price window opens, where you can select the items you want. During the transfer of the required item, the required number of items is indicated in the order sheet. After the necessary items in the required quantity have been moved to the order sheet, you can use the bottom toolbar, with which you can more accurately adjust the order, indicating the terms of payment, the need for delivery or assembly, delivery time, customer contact information and similar information . If the order comes from a legal entity, the button "invoice invoice" becomes available at the top of the panel, when you press it, the corresponding document for accounting is printed. With the SoftERP system, the creation of a new order takes a minimum of time, which allows you to promptly serve a large number of customers, even with large orders with many product names.


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