Changing the relevance of the order

Very often there are situations when you need to change the relevance of the order. When doing business "in the old fashion", without introducing modern management systems, this procedure significantly hinders the work of the management department. Accordingly, this affects the processing speed of other orders, which causes customers' displeasure. When using the SoftERP system, this procedure is quick and easy using the order change window. The module "Actuality" contains all information about the status of orders, and when using the toolbar, you can change the status of the order depending on the requirements. In this window, you can view all orders, extend product reservation, cancel the order and perform all necessary actions that relate to changing the relevance of the order. With this approach, changing the relevance of the order takes a minimum of time. All information about order correction comes to the common database and is displayed in real time. Also for greater convenience of work with the system SoftERP provides a function of printing the necessary documents. Using the capabilities of the SoftERP system, you can significantly speed up the processing of orders and optimize the work of managers.


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