Setting Access Priority

The SoftERP system makes it possible to operate information from a common database, but, as you know, not all information can be shared. To separate access priorities, there are user segments, and this division is aimed at protecting corporate information. Each user has limited access and can only receive the information that he needs to work. For example, a typical manager is fully aware of the availability of products in the warehouse and its quantity, but does not have the ability to view accounting documents or analyze employee productivity. While the accountant has partial access to financial documents, but can not obtain information from the planning or marketing department. The marketing department operates with sales reports, but does not have access to information about supplies and other information not within its professional interests. User segments are defined by management, and depending on their professional responsibilities, the level of access to information is set.

This approach allows, with sufficient transparency of business processes, to ensure the full retention of corporate information. The only user who can use the enterprise database without restrictions is the manager, who determines the priorities in obtaining electronic documents for other employees. If necessary, user segments may be limited in their actions or vice versa. You can also limit, block for a while or forever any single user. A complete deletion of users is not carried out due to the need to save information about their work for the period when they had the opportunity to perform any actions in the system. Also it is necessary in the case when on an employee who does not have access to the system, any documents are listed. The complete removal of the user will entail a violation of the integrity of the information base, which may adversely affect the operation of the enterprise.

Such operating conditions of the SoftERP system are necessary for maintaining internal information. With access restrictions, user segments can fully fulfill their professional duties, because they can operate on the data they need to work.


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