Wholesale customers

Wholesale customers are buyers who purchase lots of goods. Under the word "opt" many mean buying a large number of products, but in this case has an impact and its subsequent use. In the majority of cases, wholesale purchases are made for commercial purposes, that is, for resale of goods at retail or for any other business needs. That is, buyers of production lots are the intermediary between the manufacturer and the final consumer of the goods. But wholesale purchases can be made by the final consumers of the goods, if this type of product is necessary for production purposes. Usually, wholesale customers can count on discounts depending on the amount of purchase and depending on the activity of cooperation. But in order to determine the percentage discount, you need to clarify the customer's data and see the history of interaction with the company, which takes time. But if the company uses the SoftERP system, all information about the buyer and his credit history can be obtained within a few minutes from a common database. Such an opportunity contributes to improving the level of customer service and prompt registration of applications.


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