Resources for mobile phones

Mobile sites are resources designed specifically for viewing using various electronic devices, such as mobile phones, smartphones, communicators and other devices of a similar orientation. Such sites are distinguished by minimal refinements in design and adaptation for a screen resolution of 240x320 pixels. Such requirements are completely justified. A minimum of graphic elements in the design facilitates fast loading with the use of a small amount of traffic. Requirements for adaptation to screen resolution are also averaged, because most mobile devices for which mobile sites are designed have this permission. There are, of course, models with higher characteristics, but they make up only a small amount of the total mass, so there is no point in orienting them. As a means of sales and advertising, mobile sites have a certain convenience, because recently there has been a noticeable trend in the use of the Internet by means of mobile devices. So SoftERP specialists have fully studied this aspect, and can offer their clients the most successful developments in this field.


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