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Website creation is a complex task, and before contacting a specialist who will develop a resource, the customer must first determine what kind of site the site should meet and what criteria to meet. After all, there is a big difference between a business card site and a site - a trading platform, so if you want to get a site on the Internet you need to fully represent what it should be for the resource. After the customer is determined with the direction of the resource and its tasks, it is necessary to draw up a technical task. Creation of sites without a technical task is impossible, because the aesthetic criteria are different for all, and the functional capabilities must also be determined to the fullest extent, in order to avoid further alterations. In order to create sites as short as possible, it is worth paying enough attention to the drafting of the technical assignment, and the more detailed it is, the easier it will be for specialists to create a resource, both in appearance and functionality, fully meeting the requirements of the customer. Before you start such work as the creation of sites, you need appropriate preparatory work, with the help of which the requirements for the resource are formed.

Website development - basic rules
At the first stage it is necessary to decide what purpose the creation of a corporate resource is pursuing. Basically, it is needed to provide customers or potential partners with information about the enterprise, the nature of its activities and products. Therefore, the creation of sites is carried out taking into account the convenience of filing all the necessary information that will be of interest to potential buyers and potential partners. Also, the creation of websites aims topopularize the company on the Internet, so the resource's tasks are to create the right image, which will foster a loyal attitude of customers, accordingly, the scope of sales or services will expand.

Resource design

At the second stage, you need to decide on the design. In the course of such works as the creation of sites, the design should be given enough attention, because it is for him that the visitor in the first minutes of the visit will make his impression of the company. And you will agree that the cheap, lurid appearance of the resource does not at all contribute to the emergence of a positive attitude towards the organization that it represents on the Internet.

Color combination. When designing a site, you should avoid bright colors and shades, if it does not require a direction of activity. If this site is a circus or an entertaining children's park, then a kaleidoscope of colors is quite acceptable. If it is a site of a serious manufacturer or supplier, in this case the creation of sites of this type is carried out using muted light tones. Optimum option is considered white, gray or bluish shades, but you can experiment. The creation of sites does not have too strict a framework, and therefore for the resource it is possible to choose the optimal light shade and another color.

Graphical and interactive elements. Of course, without using a variety of graphic elements, the site design will be poor and weak. Without logos, banners, colorful photos, samples of goods and the like, it will be difficult to transfer the individual style of the company and make the site sell. Therefore, the schedule should be used, but in a moderate amount. It should complement the content, and not distract the visitor's attention from the necessary information. The same can be said about interactive elements. A variety of flash movies or animated components of the site may well make the resource more attractive, but if used in excess, you can get quite the opposite effect.

Creating sites with an abundance of interactive elements does not contribute to a good perception of the information content of the resource. Such sites for visitors are nothing more than a colorful picture, so they are not perceived as representing a serious organization. In addition, the resources of such a plan are too long to load, which forces visitors to interrupt the connection and look for something that is more optimal for the browser.

This as for the appearance of the resource. An important role is played also by information content. You can even say that this is the most important component of the site, but in terms of the ratio of design and content, both components should be equal, and harmoniously complement each other. A site with excellent capacious texts and interesting articles will lose significantly in attendance if it has a poor design. Conversely, a website with an excellent design will not be of any value to visitors if it contains a minimum of useful information. Therefore, the creation of sites should be carried out taking into account this specificity.


Content is information that is placed on the site. In addition to being useful to a visitor, the text content must include a certain number of keywords. Again, in this case, moderation is needed. Keywords are necessary for indexing a site by search engines and too many of them can lead to the fact that the site will occupy not the first but the last places for specific requests, or it will be completely banned by the search engine for spam.

The creation of sites should be entrusted to specialists, and only in this case one can be sure that the creation of a semantic kernel will be correct, and the site will be promoted in the search engines for those requests that will bring the greatest number of visitors.

In addition to including keywords in textual information, it should be of interest to the visitor in terms of content. Placed on the pages of the site texts should be informative and stated competently, coherently and understandably for users. Also, the text is also used as an advertising medium, so in most cases, there is a component that popularizes the product.

The creation of sites is mandatory taking into account the target audience, because it is for visitors that the resource should be of interest, and therefore, by its content it must fully correspond to the level of the bulk of consumers.

Site structure

Creation of sites includes also such aspect, as resource structuring. The site itself should be user-friendly and intuitive to use. That is, the visitor of the resource should, by the names and blocks on the site, understand where and what information is located, and also by what way it can be obtained. It should be noted that the minimum number of operations necessary to obtain information of interest to the visitor makes the site more attractive, and an intricate and complex navigation system will not contribute to the increase in attendance, as far from all Internet users have deep knowledge in this area.

Therefore, when performing, such works as the creation of sites, the structure of resources is thought through carefully and taking into account the provision of maximum ease of use.

Functionality of the resource

Creation of sites with the use of modern technologies has a high level of efficiency, so it is impossible not to consider the technical side of this task. The simplest version, which allows you to save time, is the creation of sites by template, which is already available in ready-made form. Such a resource in the future adapts to certain requirements and can fully perform its functions. A more complicated variant is the development of an individual design, the layout of which will be carried out using mock-ups created for a specific enterprise and completely conveying the ideological and functional orientation of the individual firm. Creation of sites of an individual type - the work is complex and painstaking. In this version, all functional units are developed with full consideration of the customer's requirements, and as a result, a resource is obtained that differs from the similar ones - both appearance and capabilities, which attracts potential customers first.

There are a lot of options for accomplishing such a task as creating websites, therefore, when ordering these works, it is only necessary to apply to specialists. If you need a professionally made resource that will look expensive and aesthetically pleasing, you can always use the services of SoftERP specialists. It is worth noting that the sites created by SoftERP designers and programmers differ qualitatively from resources of this kind both in design and functionality.

Creation of sites is made taking into account all features of the resource and with the prospect of its development, and therefore the subsequent integration of the resource for any additional opportunities takes a minimum of time.

Creation of sites from SoftERP is the most optimal option to get a high-quality and functional resource that will be convenient for visitors and management for its owners.

In case you are interested in creating websites for your organization, you can contact SoftERP at any time convenient for you, and you will get professional consultations on this topic, fully revealing all the features of this task, which will help you to more accurately formulate requirements.


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