Resources for internal use

A corporate portal is a specialized resource that is intended for internal use and is a means of communication between the company and employees. Such a resource contains various corporate information, access to which are employees of the company, depending on their competence. Portals have both pluses and minuses. In the first case, the presence of the portal helps to improve productivity, because operative access to information contributes to the optimal functioning of business processes, which in turn has a positive effect on the company's work. In the second case, such access makes corporate information vulnerable, because if desired, competitors can obtain the information they are interested in.

But the concept of a corporate portal is much more complicated than one can imagine. It can be not only an information portal, also similar resources are used as the interface of separate divisions of a firm or serve for knowledge management, content, etc.

If you have not yet decided what type of corporate portal you need, you can tell SoftERP about the peculiarities of this or that type of resources.


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