Site as a means of sales

What should be the site? Each customer ponders this question before starting to introduce his own company on the Internet. Naturally, in order to determine a little bit what the site of the company should be - just a business card, an online catalog or a full-fledged online store, many similar resources will be viewed. It is only natural that some of them like it. When ordering the development of a web page or an online store, do not say that you want a style like any company. Of course, to make a similar design is not difficult, but why is it necessary? The Internet is already overloaded with the same type of designs, and if there are one more among a couple of hundred such resources, it is unlikely that someone will appreciate it. Therefore, first of all it is worth remembering that the site should be original, and not repeat the design of the resource of competitors. Your option should be different from similar resources, and for the better, and this will be a big plus, because it is originality that attracts customers in the first place. After all, it's much more interesting to visit a site with a completely new, non-beat design than a page that does not differ from a couple of hundred of them.

What can be your trading floor

Internet resources can be divided into types for functional use. The most common and simple is a business card, which is used to represent a company on the Internet. Such a page can be made by a specialist in a short time, but this decision is ineffective, because it is purely advertising and does not bring significant profits.

Therefore very often the business card after a while turns into a catalog, which is one of the varieties of the online store. Usually, such directories work in parallel with the real sales point, and it is worth remembering that in addition to sales, such a site is the face of the company on the Internet. Therefore, it is quite natural that it should work smoothly and without failures, and the information presented on its pages corresponded to reality. After all, if the resource is poorly functional and inefficient, many clients will add their opinion about the enterprise as a whole in its work. That is, it should work more clearly and faster than a regular store. Only in this case, you can be sure that it will not only advertise the company and attract new customers, but also bring a significant profit, because, in fact, the site is also a trading platform.

There is also a division among Internet directories, which can be either conventional or work on a dropshipping system. Such a site looks like a directory in appearance, but there is a difference in the functioning of resources. If the catalog is a continuation of a real store, and its capabilities depend on the capabilities of the warehouse, the site working on the dropshipping system is a resource that handles the delivery of goods "on order". In this case, the sales process does not rely on the possibility of storage space, because in certain situations they are not even available. The store works directly with suppliers, and upon receipt of an order, sales managers immediately form a similar order from suppliers. Sometimes such an enterprise can use the services of small warehouses, where a small stock of goods is stored, but mostly it works directly, which is the principle of dropshipping. Also, such an online store has certain features in the delivery. In the event that the goods are not in stock, the order is delivered by the supplier directly to the customer.

The usual online store. In this case, the site is not an additive to the real store, but the only trading platform through which sales are made. Needless to say, in this sieve, the resource must have the maximum functionality, because there is simply no other way to sell the service or products, so you do not have to count on additional profit. Such a store operates on the principle of a regular outlet and has the appropriate staff, certain work units and storage facilities.

Website store - difficulties in organizing work
Regardless of whether a site is an ordinary online store, a resource working on the principle of drop shipping, or an additional trading platform in the presence of a regular real store, certain synchronization of all actions, from timely updating of the catalog of goods and price positions, and ending with constant interaction with suppliers. The slightest failure in the operation of all systems can lead to the fact that the store will be unprofitable. But for an enterprise manager, a website on the Internet is an opportunity to cut costs, and therefore it is unlikely that business owners will expand the staff of their employees to make the resource work better. And this is completely justified, because at the moment there is an opportunity to automate most of the business processes, accordingly, the site can work almost automatically, with minimal human intervention, which means that it can be serviced by a limited number of employees without worsening its operation. On the contrary, the store connected to the automated service system is much more harmonious in business processes, and the minimum cost to ensure its functionality.

In addition, for managers there is a certain convenience in the full transparency of the company. At any time, you can see how productive the trading platform in general and each employee of the enterprise is individually. Also at any time you can trace the way of fulfilling the order, check the availability of products in the warehouse, determine the profit that the store brings for a certain amount of time, and perform many other operations necessary for optimal business conduct.

To make the site work, you need to implement SoftERP

Of course, this statement can be considered very categorical, but in this case it is the SoftERP system that can make the trading platform work with 100% payback. What do we have in the first place? This, of course, all the information connected in one database, access to which is available from competent employees. In this case, the site increases its functionality only by providing prompt information on orders. But beyond that, employees should be able to exchange information between units. The SoftERP system also provides this capability. You can get information from any department of the company at any time, which contributes to the fact that the site is fully synchronized with all departments of the company. This approach contributes to the receipt of the most up-to-date information on the resource, as regards the replenishment of the catalog of goods and changes in price categories. If the site has the function of determining the availability of goods in the warehouse, when the order is received, the required number of units is automatically booked, which, accordingly, reflects the store on its pages. Also in the automatic mode, the most favorable offers from suppliers are searched, which is of paramount importance in the event that the store operates on the principle of dropshipping.

The interface of the system is simple and understandable, therefore the site can serve the minimum number of employees who have passed preliminary easy training with SoftERP.

Functional trading platform for all SoftERPcustomers
Regardless of whether you have a trading platform, or not, you can actively join online commerce now. If you have a site that suits you for design, but does not please the functionality, our specialists will perform all necessary work to correct the shortcomings. If he is not pleased with either one or the other, or the resource is not available at all, we can offer a service to create a full-fledged resource that fully meets all the requirements of the customer. In any case, whether the website is created "from scratch" or whether the site is integrated for specific needs, the result is impressive. It immediately becomes noticeable increase in the number of sales, because in addition to the fact that experts will develop the site or improve its appearance and functionality, will also be a set of work to promote the resource and increase its position in the Internet. The resource will start working immediately, which will help attract new customers, and, accordingly, the profit will significantly increase.

What is the principle of creating a functional website?

First of all, the resource must have an original design, because it attracts the visitor in the first few minutes.

Secondly, there should be user-friendliness, a clear interface and search and comparison functions.

Thirdly, it is necessary to actively promote in the search engines and advertising on the Internet, for which special methods of advertising and promotion are used.

In addition, the design should correspond to the type of activity of the firm. Also, the resource must be filled with up-to-date information, which, if necessary, needs to be updated.

But these are only the main criteria, more relevant to the external requirements of what the site should be. Also, do not forget about the need for software, the automation of business processes and other works, thanks to which the Internet page will become a profitable and functional resource.

If you need such a site - we are always at your service.


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