Catalog of products in the online store

In every online store there is a catalog of goods, which is a sales tool and provides the buyer with a convenient process of purchasing goods. But the use of the catalog is convenient only if it is well thought out, so let's consider what a catalog is and how it should be.

So, what is the product catalog? Usually, this is a kind of showcase of an online store, whereby a buyer can determine exactly what is being offered to him. As in an ordinary store, the goods are sorted by categories and have price tags. In addition to price tags, there are also descriptions of goods that fully reflect the technical characteristics of the product, and its advantages.

Also the catalog of the goods contains also graphic images of production. This can be as photos of samples of goods, and the scheme, which is quite relevant in the event that furniture is offered. After all, the buyer will be equally interested in the appearance and internal content of furniture elements.

Therefore, we can determine the four main components of the catalog, and this is the name of the product, description, picture and price. Also, do not forget and such aspects as the functionality of the directory and the possibility of additional services, for example, such as comparing the product or selecting products for certain characteristics.

Structuring the Catalog

When creating a catalog, you should always start from the direction of the product, so that the service can fully meet its individual characteristics. Agree, because there is a big difference between selling tea and coffee at retail and bricks in bulk. Therefore, product catalogs are integrated under the product features always.

The catalog of the goods should have convenient navigation with full display of the passed way. This is necessary for quick orientation. Also, duplication of the catalog menu on the page will be superfluous, so that the buyer can freely go to any point of the catalog. This approach contributes to the implementation of the "three clicks" method, according to which, if the buyer does not find the information he needs for three clicks, he leaves the site. Accordingly, the duplicated catalog of goods makes it possible not to return back on the branch to the beginning of the viewing, but to move immediately to the department that interests him for a maximum of three clicks.

In order for the Internet store to be popular, the catalog of goods on it should be carefully designed, ideally structured and providing the necessary convenience and ease of use.

Sorting products
A large catalog of goods must have a function of sorting products, which is conducted by type of product, brand or manufacturer. But in some cases, there is a need for additional opportunities, for example, sorting products by age category, color, size, gender or cost. For greater convenience, the catalog of goods should include the possibility of additional services, that is, it is necessary that it has some flexibility in ensuring all the requirements of the buyer.

When creating a catalog, it is also worthwhile to realize the possibility of searching for products according to certain characteristics. Again, the search criteria can be different, as well as the implementation of this task, so when implementing the service it is necessary to take into account the functionality of the site. If the search process lasts too long, the visitor will simply leave the site, without waiting for the results of the service. Accordingly, the catalog of goods in addition to convenience should also have a quick download, regardless of the number of services used in the selection of products.

Technical aspect

If everything is more or less clear with the design and capabilities of the catalog, then very often the question arises how to correctly fill the catalog of goods, so that it would be attractive to buyers, and the search engines would not bypass it.

You must fill in the <Title> tag. When filling such a tag, the product category appears in the title of the page, which is useful for both buyers and search engines. Catalog of goods is better indexed

JavaScript. The technology is used to display a more detailed product description in a new window. Usually it turns out quite efficiently and colorfully at low cost.

Go from individual pages to the main product catalog. Each page is indexed by a search engine, so it is likely that the visitor will go to this page, accordingly, provides the ability to go to the site from any page in the catalog.

Text and graphic content

Let's go back to the four main components of the catalog, such as product name, description, picture and price, described above, and consider their main criteria.

Name of product. The name of the product must be understandable and correspond to the contents of the page. There is no need to invent tempting headlines, because if a person searches for an iron, he will look through the sites offering irons, and not "a means that will save clothes from folds." Therefore, the catalog of goods in the headers should contain only the name of the product and nothing more. Again, this contributes to good indexing of the pages.

Description. The description of the product must be capacious, informational and not containing anything superfluous. That is, the text should contain mainly technical characteristics of the products. Include the advertising component can be in a moderate amount at the very end. By leafing through the catalog of goods, the buyer is primarily interested in characteristics, not describing possible and impossible advantages.

The photo. The product photo is placed clear and in the right perspective. According to the image, the buyer can visualize the products, and accordingly, the more attractive the photo will be placed, the more positive impression of the product it will generate.

Price. In view of the fact that price fluctuations are now quite common, the catalog of goods must be constantly updated, as regards price categories. It is worth noting that the buyer has frankly negative emotions, if the catalog indicates one price, and the production is actually more expensive, and he will find out when finalizing the order. Usually, after such a misunderstanding, the buyer not only does not return to the site, but also responds about the resource in the best way.

Specialists of SoftERP company can create a catalog of goods, maximally integrated under certain requirements. Therefore, if the functionality of your online store does not satisfy you, and you assume that the wrongly designed and designed catalog of goods is the fault, you can always contact us. Our employees will carefully consider the problem and make the necessary adjustments, which will have the maximum effect in each case.



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