The ability to select products according to specified parameters

Facet navigation is a tool for selecting goods on certain parameters (facets), which are set by the user. As you know, when buying products, the customer is guided by certain criteria and, going to the website of the online store, he expects the opportunity to use the convenient search for the products he needs. If the buyer has to revise the entire catalog or at least a fully defined category in order to select the desired product, carefully read the characteristics to determine whether the product is suitable for him or not, he is unlikely to stay in this online store for long.

The absence of such a tool as facet navigation can significantly complicate the use of the online store catalog. Of course, in the event that there are no more than 10-15 product items on sale, there is no need for special selection of goods in terms of characteristics. But if the range of the store consists of (the assortment of the store includes?) At least 50 or more positions, it is worthwhile to think about providing convenience in choosing products for buyers. Any store with time expands, and the products in the catalog becomes more and more, accordingly, it is more and more difficult to orientate the buyer in it. If you want visitors to your store to go shopping, provide them with a convenient and quick choice of goods.

To date, facet navigation is used quite often, especially in large online stores with a wide range of products. This approach fully justifies itself, because the buyer who selects the goods, is guided by his personal preferences, and if one person will have a color, another will pay attention to the material or technical characteristics. Therefore, the task of store owners is to fully satisfy the needs of the buyer in the convenience of choice for various parameters, which fully provides facet navigation. This tool is used to select products for one or several parameters, which, when chosen for the buyer, are preferable. Determines the selection criteria for the buyer himself, which makes it possible in a short time to identify a number of goods that have characteristics specified by the buyer in the search.

Benefits of navigation

As indicated above, the selection of products is possible by different parameters. When using the sorting tool, the buyer can initially be guided by general criteria that allow to determine a number of products of potential interest. If the goods are too many, the buyer has the opportunity to make additional adjustments to the selection process, and with each new refinement of the parameters in the list will remain fewer and fewer goods. At the same time, the products that remain on the list will increasingly correspond to the buyer's request.

Facet navigation is very convenient. Even a novice Internet user can easily master its use, which will greatly simplify the process of selecting and buying goods in online stores. If before the Internet was considered the prerogative of young people, now online purchases were appreciated and people of more mature age began to learn and that it is necessary to take into account the organization of various site services that should be as simple and intuitive as possible. Facet navigation is quite consistent with this requirement, which determines its popularity in use.

Convenience is the main advantage of such a service, moreover, facet type navigation is distinguished by a number of other positive aspects, such as friendliness, visibility, interactivity and multidimensionality.

The friendliness of the navigation system allows you to determine the attitude of customers to a particular type of goods and to identify the popular product parameters, most commonly used in the search.

The visibility of the service lies in the fact that the specified parameters of the product facet navigation demonstrates in a visual way, which allows the buyer to freely navigate in the formation of the following requests for sorting the goods.

Multidimensionality is determined by the ability to specify a number of parameters at once, which significantly reduces the time required to select a particular product for a number of characteristics.

Interactivity is determined by the process of using the service itself. The buyer sets the parameters by himself and receives the results immediately, which is necessary for easy-to-use and efficient service.

Use of facet type navigation

Facet navigation is used to sort any types of goods. When developing this service, the individual focus of the online store is taken into account, and it is also possible to select products according to certain parameters, which are defined as the main ones separately in each case.

So, for choosing clothes, the main characteristics are color, size, brand and price. For mobile phones - the manufacturer and technical specifications, although for greater convenience, you can add the ability to sort by the color of the case. For cars, the main characteristics are the body type and engine size, and you can also select additional parameters. As we can see, some characteristics are common to the bulk of the product, for example, the color or firm manufacturer, but the additional properties should be selected individually, and only then the facet navigation will have sufficient flexibility.

The organization of such a service is considered quite a challenge, especially if it is not the use of a ready-made template solution, but the design of an individual flexible system. Using the capabilities of the SoftERP system, you can effectively solve this issue in the shortest possible time. The tasks of the system include ensuring maximum interaction between the client and the online store, which determines the highest level of service.

If in real stores these functions are performed by sales consultants, in the field of Internet sales the optimal service for visitors is provided by SoftERP. The implementation of the system is possible in any case - and then, when you already have your store on the network, and in the event that you are just going to master the expanses of the Internet. Experienced specialists will implement the system, and you will have a functional and convenient site, where there will be facet navigation, and other services that customers need.

It is worth noting the prospects of this approach, because in fact the SoftERP system allows you to automate most business processes and ensure the maximum functionality of the store without additional costs. In the future, significant savings and optimization of all the functional processes of the site, which guarantees a corresponding return.


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