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We can say that the site consists of three parts. The first is the graphic shell, that is, the design, the second is the functional, that is, the set of technical solutions, and the third is the content.

What is the content for the site? This concept originated from English content, which in translation means "content". Accordingly, the content is any information content of the site. Availability of content on the site is necessary in any case. First of all, interesting information attracts visitors and makes the site useful. Secondly, the text contains a certain number of keywords, which is necessary for website promotion in search engines and correct indexing of resource pages for certain key queries. Therefore, to such an issue as the content for the site should be treated with maximum attention, because the quality of the content will depend on attendance, and, accordingly, the profitability of the resource.

The content for the site must be unique. Articles and descriptions of goods copied from other resources and placed in their own online store, not only will not attract buyers, on the contrary, this approach can lead to a significant reduction in the number of interested visitors or to penalties on the part of search engines.

How often do I need to change the content for my site?

Many resource owners think that by posting texts once, you can calm down on this. This is the main error, and after a while the attendance of such a resource begins to roll down to zero. The fact is that the content of the site needs to be updated periodically, which will contribute to better indexing of pages, and, accordingly, to a higher position in the results of issuance for certain requests.

But now the sites are mostly created "for people", and content for the site needs an interesting and informative. One can observe the tendency that even purely commercial resources acting as trading platforms on the Internet, in addition to the standard catalog of goods and pages with requisites and feedback, have catalogs of articles that contain interesting thematic information. It is such content for the site that attracts visitors to a greater extent, because you can read on this resource not only the meager technical characteristics of products, but also get information about its varieties, novelties in the commodity market and other information on the topic. Accordingly, the more new publications on the site, the more visitors they will attract.

What should be the content for the site

Of course, the appropriate style and direction of the resource. If it is a store of fashionable youth clothes, the texts should fully convey the mood and the idea. In this case, even youth slang is allowed, because it will not look unnatural, but on the contrary, even revive the resource and give it a peculiar style. But with slang you do not have to overdo it. Content for the site should be understandable to the bulk of visitors, and various youthful words can be present in the text in a limited number.

If it's a resource that sells equipment or something else, then it's appropriate to have a business style that will capaciously and unobtrusively reflect all the benefits of products in clear and harmonious texts. So, when ordering content for a site, it is necessary to determine initially in the stylistic direction, and therefore to formulate a technical task in which all the necessary requirements will be indicated.

There are certain restrictions on the size of the text content. Descriptions to the goods, for example, should be short enough, but, nevertheless, to contain in itself all necessary information, an advertising component and a sufficient quantity of keywords. Many resource owners think that the more keywords, the better. As a result of such beliefs, there are sites where huge texts are placed, oversaturated with keywords, which even with useful information turn out to be not only completely uninteresting to the buyer, but also simply repulsive. Needless to say, such content for the site is perceived by search engines as spam, which leads to a subsequent ban.

Do not forget about such an aspect as literacy. Of course, no one is immune from typos, but in text editors that are used to write articles, there is a service for checking for errors, and a good specialist is not too lazy to use it to be convinced of the absolute correctness of the written.

Competent content for the site contributes to the creation of a proper image and a good impression, and the texts, full of mistakes and nonsense, suggest the negligent attitude to the site and the image of the company.

How does the content for the site contribute to the promotion of the resource
As mentioned above, the content for the site should contain a certain number of keywords. When checking pages, these keywords are indexed by the search engine, after which the site is included in the list of resources that are issued as a result of certain requests.

But again, it is necessary to observe the measure. The text content should optimally and in the right proportions be combined information component and mandatory keywords that harmoniously and unobtrusively fit into the text.

Content for the site as a sales tool

Do not underestimate the possibility of a printed word. To date, good promotional texts can be just as convincing as the words of a professional sales manager who can implement anything in the shortest possible time. Articles and texts for the site should have the same effect. In addition to information content, they must encourage the consumer to purchase goods and interest. Therefore, content for the site can be called an Internet marketing tool. A good text can not only provide the buyer with the necessary information, but also enhance the purchasing power, thus facilitating the sale of products.

As you can see, good content for the site, which meets all the basic requirements, is difficult to write. An ordinary person who is even fluent in literary exposition will necessarily lose any component, and as a result, the text will lose its effectiveness in one of the positions on which it should give only one hundred percent results.

Therefore, resource owners, who expect maximum efficiency, prefer to order content for the site from specialists, and in this they are absolutely right. Only a specialist has the opportunity to compose a text that will fully meet all the necessary requirements.

SoftERP specialists fully studied the peculiarities of compiling texts for resources of different directions, and therefore the content placed on the sites that are serviced by our firm meets all the rules and criteria. Such content for the site can be called optimal in all respects, because it includes all the components necessary for the successful positioning of the resource on the Internet.


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