Separation of the site into functional blocks

Content modules are separate function blocks of the site, which differ in the types of text content they contain. Each block is independent of others and performs certain functions, depending on its capabilities and tasks. The content type and content are fixed by the specified characteristics, which are taken into account when developing and implementing the module in the overall site system.

It should be noted that the systematization of content and its clear division into modules contributes to the creation of an optimal site structure, intuitive even for novice users. Therefore, the use of modules is completely justified, because such an approach greatly facilitates the task of systematizing the content of the resource. Content-modules are used everywhere on sites of a different type and focus. They can, if necessary, be modified to meet specific needs, which is accomplished by changing the program code. If you are interested in typical or individually developed content modules for the site, you can always contact SoftERP specialists who will provide you with competent assistance in this matter.


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