Clarification of terminology

A glossary of terms is a separate section on the site that contains an expanded explanation of the terminology used in the product description. As you know, terms can be incomprehensible to an ordinary buyer, because in most cases they are designed for specialists. But the buyer is not interested in purchasing products whose technical characteristics will be incomprehensible to him, because they are encrypted with special terminology. Therefore, when you use words and phrases that are incomprehensible to the bulk of visitors, it is worthwhile to have a dictionary of terms on the site that customers can use to find out certain nuances. Also this section of the online store promotes a more active promotion of the resource, because it contains unique content with the participation of keywords, which are asked in the search engine. In the event that your store offers products that use terminology in the description, SoftERP specialists will help you to compile an understandable and convenient dictionary of terms. This approach will significantly increase the conversion of the resource and significantly increase its ranking in the search engines.


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