Design of business sites

First of all, considering such aspect as site design, it is necessary to proceed from the direction of the resource, because for different in the functional orientation of the sites, completely different design solutions are used. If the design of the entertainment portal is designed to amaze the imagination of visitors with an abundance of pictures, animations and colorful graphic elements, then the business site is created on a completely different principle, first of all structuring and content are taken into account, and the appearance is, as it were, the complement necessary to provide information in the most harmonious form.

The very concept of "website design" is defined as appearance and, despite the fact that when creating business resources the design does not already have a dominant position, nevertheless, it has not lost its importance and the need to meet certain criteria. In the network, the company's website is a visiting card, and in appearance you can immediately determine the company's prospects and priorities. Therefore, the style of the site must necessarily correspond to the nature of the enterprise and convey its concept and basic ideas.

Website Design - General Criteria

Modern site design differs significantly from earlier versions of business resource development. So, in the past, "input" pages have left, which, if necessary for a long download, do not do any good either for the site or for potential buyers.

When choosing a color scheme, preference is given to calm tones. Bright details will distract the buyer from his goal, as well as an overabundance of pictures and animations on the pages. Too much animation on the site hinders the indexing of the resource, which should also be taken into account, because the number of visitors directly depends on indexing.

To date, the site is not only designed to emphasize the status of the company, in addition it is an advertising and trading platform, and therefore preference is given to individual harmonious and carefully thought-out elements that complement the design idea, but at the same time do not interfere with the search for necessary information.

Website design also has a lot of other rules and features that are always respected by SoftERP when creating resources, and therefore the result of their work is always impressive with full compliance with the goals set.


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