Animated elements of website design

Flash design is based on the use of Macromedia Flash technology, which allows you to create colorful animated elements used for various purposes. In its capabilities, this kind of design art is almost unlimited, and with the help of flash you can realize the most fantastic ideas that have arisen in the imagination. But at the same time Flash design is quite complicated to use as elements of the site. The fact is that flash elements are not indexed by search engines, and for a commercial resource this is unacceptable. Therefore, animated elements should be used in a moderate amount, without overloading the page with them.

By itself, Flash design makes it possible to make a regular html site more vivid and original. In addition, animation can be used to improve the usability of the resource and create a more user-friendly interface. But basically the Flash design is used for artistic purposes, and this is justifiable, because often visualization plays an important role in turning the visitor into a buyer.

Designers of SoftERP use animation, taking into account the features of indexing, so the result of the work is an original and colorful site with good indexing in the search engines.



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